Could modern weaponry defeat Spiderman?

For basically every version of Spider-Man, yes. The only version that would live something like a nuke would be Cosmic Spider-Man.




Spider-Man is pretty durable even though damage resistance isn't one of his official powers, he takes some pretty huge hits and manages to keep fighting or recover. That said Spider-Man is NOT bullet proof and never has been, against guns and the like he relies on dodging (superhuman agility allows him to dodge bullets and energy blasts and such rather easily). Modern weapons are fully capable of killing him, but hitting him in the comics is very, very difficult.

Guns can kill Spider-Man pretty easily as long as the people shooting them didn't go to the Stormtrooper academy of missing. The amount of round a modern mini-gun or something smaller can put out in a minute make it impossible for even Spider-Man to hope to survive.

What are examples of the pathetic fallacy in scientific papers?

‘Pathetic fallacy' is a literary term for anthropomorphism - the attributing of human traits to nature or gods.This is anathema to scientists and is avoided by writing scientific papers in the third person (as, use ‘it' instead of ‘I') - so much so that I cannot bring to mind a single instance of it occurring

Why has NASA so far not found alien artifacts on the worlds of the solar system?

Well first of all - our solar system seems pristine. No signs of any large scale mining etc. So I think you can be pretty sure that no ET from another star has come this way with aims to either inhabit or make use of our solar