Could the Daleks defeat the Avengers?

The Daleks would curbstomp the Avengers, and they wouldn't need a single infinity stone to do it. The Daleks have brought whole galaxies to their knees by their own power.

They operate on a scale that, without the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos would never be able to match.

Unless Iron Man could get aboard the command ship and MacGuyver a solution together, there is no chance for Earth, or the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, to survive this fight.

The Daleks curbstomp the Avengers. They're equipped with planet busting tech on their ships, which they consider to be antiquated, galaxy busting tech is the meta for the Dalek Empire and if that isn't bad enough they also has universe busting and infinite multiverse busting tech as well. Out of all of the Avengers, only Thor or Hulk might have some chance against the Daleks but then again, the Daleks might be more interested in using them in their experiments.

Have you ever thought about life goals?

Have you ever thought a life without goals!A life without goals is a like a Rain without Water, A Tree without Leaves, A Vehicle without tyres & so on....I think you got the answer.There may be different objectives to achieve the goals. We try to achieve our life goals for 1 common Ultimate Goal of our

Is it possible to become NASA Astronaut ?

Basic requirement for to be  an astronaut is you must be US citizen but other programmes  in NASA this is not necessary. For more information you can refer the link below.

Why should one buy a smart phone?

Because who would not want NSA and Google to snoop every small detail out of your life.