Could the average male or a male who lift weights regularly take out a female MMA fighter?

It would depend on the female MMA fighter since there is a very wide discrepancy in size, skillset, ability, etc., even at the UFC level. Let's assume you're talking about one of the sport's big name fighters, like current two-division champion Amanda Nunes.

Nunes is 5′8″ and weighed in at 145 pounds for her recent fight with Cris Cyborg. I couldn't find any data on her body fat percentage, but it's obviously quite low for a female, probably in the 14–20% range.

What is the best remedy for Delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS)?

Do you suffer from muscle soreness after workouts?If so, the below are effective methods to reduce soreness and get you back at the top of your game quickly:1) Have showers, and contrast from hot and cold: This will increase blood flow and help to push inflammation out of the muscles. Take a 5

Why do I have the urge to get very fat (600 pounds)?

I think that if you balance this urge with the urge to be very healthy then it will be a good thing. Bigger is better to some degree, getting fatter and staying healthy might make your brain grow? Humans have bigger (fatter) brains than monkeys and look what it gets us compared to them.Now I strongly