Current Tesla owners, how do you think the Model 3 will compare to the Model S?

I think it will mostly be smaller. The Model S is a very large car. It would be OK to have a car that was quite a bit smaller.

To put the size in perspective:. The Tesla Model S is 8 inches wider and 12 inches longer than a Volvo V70 station wagon. I had to rearrange the garage to fit the Tesla.

I think the base model will be a little more plain and slower than the Model S. I think you will be able to buy options to bring it nearly equal in luxury and performance to a Model S.

I also think the base battery will have a range just over the Chevy Bolt. I think battery options will be available to go over 300 miles.

So, all-in-all, I think it will be very similar to the Model S, only smaller.

One area it will be different. The trunk opening in the unveiled Model 3 was really small. I think it will be somewhat bigger when they ship it, but it will be no match for the huge hatchback on the Model S.

From previous responses, I agree... Similar but smaller.

I want to add that I strongly hunch that reservation holders who are in queue for a $35,000 Tesla are going to be in queue quite a bit longer than they anticipate.

This issue will be "just like the S and X". A couple of $35k cars will be produced to meet the promise. But then groups of reservation holders will be invited to configure their cars, and Tesla will focus on the heavily optioned cars first. If I was running the company that's what I would do.

And then the price will start to go up. And in real life, the IIIs you see driving around will be $50,000 cars. Which is still an epic accomplishment. 18mos in, we will start to see the more basic cars.

Just my hunch. No basis more reliable than my own meandering opinion.

Obviously it will be smaller. Obviously it will be less expensive. Tesla needed a plan to make it less expensive. A primary consideration was to design something with ease of manufacturing in mind. That meant fewer frills. Something like the falcon wing doors of the Model X represent the opposite end of the design sphere when it comes to complexity. The Model 3 will have to make it through the assembly process far more quickly. That means that instead of motorized door handles that start out flush, there will be hinged door panels that pull out manually. Anything that can give a moderate improvement for a substantial cost in build time won't be done. Steel will be used for the most part instead of aluminum. The goal will be to build an excellent car for the price point, not to create a $100,000 car for $35,000. Although people who put down reservations expected to see features on the Model 3 that their Model S lacked at the time, Tesla has since improved the Model S. Anything big that the Model 3 is planned to have that wasn't in the Model S at the time of the announcement will likely be added to the Model S before the Model 3 is released, if that hasn't happened already.

As others have said, we know it will be smaller. Since this is a brand are platform for Tesla (the Model X was a derivative of the Model S platform), I think you will see iterations on Tesla's think on thinks like the interior, UI, etc. I think there will be a family resemblance to the prior models, but I expect the Model 3 to have its own look and not be a mini me of the Model 3. In fact, I would expect the other way around-that the Model 3 will provide a glimpse into wha the Model S refresh will look like.

Finally, I expect the Model 3 to have technologies that the Model S and Model X do not have yet, which I am sure will drive some owners nuts.

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