Dating: How important are cars to women?

Having a good car signals a few things to potential mates.  The car doesn't matter, but the signals that it sends do.   There are many ways to generate those signals, especially in a city that has good public transport, without requiring you to get a car.  

The signal that a car sends are:
- I can afford to buy and maintain a car (this is a big one)
- I have freedom to go wherever I want
- (if it's a fast or sporty car) I have a sense of adventure and I like some amount of risk.
- I know how to keep my car clean (assuming you do).

Everybody puts out signals of attractiveness, and to maximize the number of women who will be attracted to you, you wan to maximize those signals.   However, dressing well, being intelligent, skilled and confident are more important than what you own.  Car ownership is a fairly superficial set of signals that are fairly easy to overwhelm with other awesome traits. 

That being said, car ownership is a proxy for some level of wealth and independence.   That's a big deal to most women.

The biggest advantage to having a car in dating  is the freedom to pick up your date in a conveyance that you control.   Having control is an attractive feature of a man - so relying on public transport that may be unreliable or inconvenient can be a cramp in your style. 

For dating, you're probably better off hiring a taxi or Uber, unless you live very close to the woman.  That gives off a similar vibe - namely, you can afford to hire a cab, which is far more expensive and intimate than public transport. If you can afford to buy a car, you can afford to use Uber instead.
Not very, as a whole.

Cars are not available to the vast majority of humanity. The best estimate is apparently this one:

The US publisher Ward's, estimate that as of 2010 there were 1.015 billion motor vehicles in use in the world. This figure represents the number  of cars; light, medium and heavy duty trucks; and buses, but does not  include off-road vehicles or heavy construction equipment.
Motor vehicle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

That still leaves 6.3 billion people without, ignoring the fact that the figure above includes buses and trucks too. And of course, those with multiple vehicles, women with their own cars, cars that aren't being used/ spoilt/ showpieces, and people too married to date. Even taking away those below the driving age limit, and the 5-year lapse, that's still a whole lot of people without.

So if women insisted on cars, life would descend into chaos.

...Well, further chaos.
If someone lives in a place where it's not necessary, then it's understandable not to have one. I can't say I care one way or another.

Many people live in places in the US where it's most comfortable to have one than to rely on public transport. That may be why you seem to hear it a lot. In Washington DC where I live, many people only rent one if they need to and use services like Uber or Lyft as well as bus or light rail.

As far as specifically giving a woman a feeling of being escorted, you can do that without a car of your own and you don't need to have one on every date.  Custom where I live is to not always cause your date to meet you at places. That tends to get a bit impersonal.
Safety and sensibility related to your eye condition, IMO, far outweigh stupidity in this case, Kai.

If she says yes to a date before learning you have chosen not to get a car and later changes her mind because you won't be driving, be thankful you discovered this before your heart got involved.
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