Did America ever try to invade Great Britain after its independence?

Invade and conquer, no.

But there is a little known piece of history that US Marines and sailors were the first foreign invaders to step foot on and attack Britain since 1066. The attack on Whitehaven on April 23, 1778 was the first landing of a hostile power on British soil in 702 years.

Absolutely Yes. In World War 2, about 3 million US troops passed through the UK, and left a indelible stamp. Among other things, more than 70,000 British women became GI brides.

The presence of so many unattached young men (and in those days the US forces were mostly men) had a huge effect on social life. The British said that the GIs were "overpaid, oversexed and over here". The GIs retorted that the British were "underpaid, undersexed and under Eisenhower".

after American independence, there were planning to attack or conquer British - yes attack but executed this planning - no. Beside light raid to british - yes

Originally planning is destroyed british's empires and conquered british become American's empires.

They been holding possible twice.. Who know.. As lack information about it.

They decide go ahead planning "b"

Let i explained to you all about it.

When the first World wars start: American decided play waiting games which turn make American more rich and powerful that british in economic reasons. They don't exist until in latter phase of world war 1.

Treaty of armistice were favorable by America who they write and arrangements peace as usa president go direct german to ask peace this other favour to american due economics reason which british and french disagreement yet unease go ahead as American stubborn about treaty authors also british and french go ahead signed it as they want war end in allies victory... Which it is destroyed british economy as it is pointless war, and losses controlled empires due economic reason which Americans favour.

The famous of Second world war started America do exact same the plan as were in world War 1. As world war 2 they does not entry war despite the British warning Japanese attacks as british intelligence AND entry late as well.

World wars 2 British agreed with American for land lease which cause us more poor and heavy owed to America, and of course lease (give away) lands to America like Philippines and guam, etc... so American is sort of empires their own ((the American "silent" empire))

America entry war very latter phase again and British have to give away to America british secret by churchill as want shared to win wars fast.

British give away nuclear weapons and radar, jet engines, computer, etc many more for nothing cost ((for my personally i think we should kept rest of it including nuclear weapon is pointless as we win victory Europeans war)) .. Americans Nuclear weapons won't share back to uk in after the world wars 2 and other technology.

When world War 2 finish... the famous marshall plan which American executed to stop communist in Europe. Which british warning watch out and need arrive Berlin before soviet American unbelievable and unheralded to british warning Due American stubborn attires. Marshall plan which also improves british also charge them pay bills to use Marshall plan. ((Marshall plan didnt charger other eu countries ie germany and France etc only british pay))

British dissolve empires due economic and heavy owned to the Americans, also independent as pointless in modern world they give them freedom also some place to revolt british and British let it go as unaffordable to other wars and Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower dislike British in someway and order stop war suez canal and threat more toward british compare to france due fear british will back rich and might able empires once again.. Fast forward these cause main reason british refuse participate Vietnam war.

Americans win the main of the goals.

  • Destory british empires
  • Empires some of british former colony.
  • Make American more strong place in economic and super power.
  • Americans are rich of the world

This is silent war of American War with British and modern world.

My gain of Information about Marshall plan and the red plan which features American plan war with British, world war 1 and 2 is on tv and history book, bbc documentary. (some Wikipedia but they unreliability) etc.

In a word, no - it would have been impossible to launch an invasion of Great Britain without a nearby land base. Britain had the largest navy in the world all the way from 1777 until after WW2. The logistics of transporting an invasion force from the south of England just 15 miles to Normandy was immense and depended on absolute air superiority from a number of land air bases. Any attempts to do it from aircraft carriers would have been suicide. There were however several drafts to take Canada from the empire, but after WW1 there was no desire to take on a modern military power in a land battle

Nope - America never tried to invade Great Britain, as quite frankly, the idea would have been ludicrous. The newly formed USA wouldn't have a Navy capable of mounting that kind of action until the second half of WWII

However, it did mount an invasion of the British Empire (or at least attempt to) in the war of 1812, whose opening act was a small militia of 1,000 men crossing the Detroit river and occupying a small town in what is now Windsor, Ontario

Why yes.

We successfully invaded Britain in 1943–1945.

I suspect we were driven out by unacceptable numbers of KIT (killed in traffic). The British tactic of driving insanely and on the wrong side of the road being devilishly effective against american pedestrians!

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