Did God create evolution?

I see no reason to think so. There is nothing about evolution that requires a god's influence or that of any other kind of intelligent designer. It works without a god and, IMO, makes more sense.

Something like 99.99% of all species have gone extinct. This would seem to suggest that God is a really bad designer if he is actively designing living things, whether indirectly through some sort of controlled evolution (why would a god even bother with this anyway?) or a more directly controlled creationism.

If evolution is a natural process driven by environmental pressures, then we would definitely expect species to die off on a regular basis. Birth defects, cancer, autoimmune disorders, the pain of childbirth, and other problems would also be an obvious part of the puzzle of life. Of course you get errors because no one is minding the store and evolution just happens as a natural consequence of natural forces that require no god to set them up.

If a god is out there and planning things, then this brings up the question of why a god would act in such a way that would cause needless suffering and misery to many billions of living things right here on planet Earth. If it's within a god's power to directly control how living things are designed, why not do a better job of it? Why not design a better planet and a universe for his creations to live in? Creationism requires a lot of explaining on its own.
Will a shy person always be shy?

Hello.I always imagined that being shy, that I was just like that. What I discoved was that I had become introverted and shy by my environment growing up.I listened to a lot of personal growth and salesmanship tapes. Eventually I became a fearless salesman

How to run 5 miles in under 40 minutes for a 17 year old with no running experience

Start lengthening your distances to build your stamina. Run at a slower pace. Focus on doing 3 miles in 32 minutes. Find a pace where you can run 10 miles consecutively, consistently. Pacing is key. DO NOT RUN FASTER THAN YOUR IMMEDIATE