Did Great Britain ever have interest in Greenland? It is interesting that Denmark has been able to retain such a huge territory between Canada and Britain.

In a way, by treaty an expedition from Britain does not need visas or permission. Obviously courtesy suggests asking.

Greenland is not in the least bit between Britain and Canada. A ship leaving Britain would pass far to the south.

The island may have been huge, but almost all of it was totally useless to a european power of the time. It seems that the norse settlement there may have died out because Greenland no longer had any marketable goods. So it is clear that most europeans would view Greenland as mostly useless at the time. The fact that the colony there suffered from government neglect in the last hundred years of its existence is a clear sign of this.

Sounds like a little exploration but not claim.

The British did claim for a while part of North West Greenland but never pursued it.

No, the UK never had an interest in Greenland

No, the only time Britain has shown significant interest in the Atlantic between Britain and Canada is during World War Two with the occupation of Iceland.

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