Did any woman regret divorcing her husband?

I am currently part of many Divorce help groups.I coach a few of them.

I will particularly highlight 2 such cases.

1.Priya (Name changed)Hasbands name( Tarun)

Tarun was a loving Husband ,both Priya and Tarun were Child hood friends, they were living in Delhi together before marriage.

Things seem to be fine,suddenly one good day Tarun lost his job, he was forced out ,a lot of drama went around and ultimately he had to settle in another company in Banglore.

He never liked the job he was in now, things were becoming worse.

Flashback. Tarun was very happy in Delhi he worked in few of the best companies in his sector.

Priya came from Kolkata she was not doing good in Job, she was in real bad shape many a times Taruns friend told him why do you want to marry this girl you are better and can find a better girl. By that time Tarun was in Love.

And Love is blind.

Any ways life became more challenging for Tarun in Banglore many a times its just Luck or Gods plan whatever.

Priya got a better job and started earning more, Tarun was hating himself for all the failure, a person who hates himself should be treated ill, he was into clynical Dippression.

He needed utmost care and love to just Live his life... He was slowly consumed in the downward Spiral.All he was asking was a bit of Love and Care, the other person was moving really fast and was not ready for all this.

Tensions grew and one good day they had a fight Tarun didn't had food for 2days and was in bad shape.He comes back and sees his wife drunk he cant imagine why is this person doing all this,then he discovers the bills that Priya had boozed just above his work place with all Fun.

Actually he was angry on himself, when peoole are angry they are usually angry on themself, he had a beautiful job a nice life ahead, why did he marry a woman who has nothing to do with his condition.

In his industry he was suppose to work for 15 to 18 hours, he was working before and was performing after Priya came to his life all he wanted was that little Love and care.He was constantly asking his Boses to transfer him to a place where he can give some time to Priya.

In companies no body cares about you, all they care is how can they remove people who ask too much and yes Tarun was asking too much.

Actually he was commiting a mistake i...... He was aligned with his Purpose of life once Priya came she replaced the purpose.

Any ways life was going on slowly gradually Priya was shifting her attitude.

One fine day Tarun came to know that Priyas boyfriend also visited her in there house, there is nothing wrong in it but by that time there was enough Trust deficit.

Then one day he caught his wife orgainsing Gigolo party in her workplace, how can you fall so much.

How can a Wife who will tomorrow become mother can do this trade, where is the Integrity?

Then other day when Tarun caught her drunk was there last day, enough of Emotional abuse had happened and he assaulted Priya.

That was the last day, he was shattered because now the the Purpose of his life was all gone, he kept on asking why you did this with me, what did I do to you, Whats more important me or your Job.

He kept on asking and just wanted to be Loved... He just wanted Priya.

Now many times I have thought about this, I narrated this story to many people.

Every time a feminist hears it, says he shouldnt have assaulted, Every body is free , every time mens right group people listen to it they say Good that he assoulted, after this country doesn't have any law for Emotional abuse.

I asked Priya after many years how do you feel....

She said I wish I was able to understand why he became a animal.

That little Love and care can change peoples life.

Today Tarun is doing great he has many good friends, A purpose which he was searching, He is more closer to himself and has started Loving again.

Today he doesn't need any Priya but Priya is still looking for a Tarun.

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