Did the British create India?

The British named the land ‘India' and except that they looted and plundered everything

No, India was not created by British.

  1. British converted the name  Bharat to India
  2. British transformed India into a consumer of British goods.
  3. British created a typical administration. In 19th century, both the direct administration of India by the British crown and the technological change ushered in by the industrial revolution, had the effect of closely intertwining the economies of India.
  4. The Mughal empire had disintegrated
  5. The new Company governments were based on those of the Indian states that they had displaced and much of the effective work of administration was initially still done by Indians.

British rule in India virtually had helped unify India, which till then was quite fragmentary. The in-built inferiority complex was the characteristic trademark of the mass of the native population, till Mahatma Gandhi and many other nationalist leaders like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru arrived onto the scene.

Impact of British rule upon India has mostly been adverse and affected the country negatively, there was still a feeble attempt to maintain equilibrium in Indian society and the country as a whole.

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Hardly. Even the word India was the creation of Greeks. In most countries from Iran to Turkey, India is known as Hindustan

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