Did the U.S. Apologize for nuclear weapons?

Your question is a little open ended and vague...do you mean aplogize to Japan or the world in general?
If it's the latter, then no. The U.S. was simply the first country to make an atomic weapon that actually worked, and did that using research captured from the Nazi's. Russia wasn't far behind us as far as that goes, and probably wouldn't have shown the restraint we did. I don't want to create revisionist history here, but they probably would have wiped out the entire Island with nukes...after a failed attempt to take it conventionally that cost tens of thousands of lives on both sides. You do realize that Stalin declared war on Japan..right?

If it's the former, then I ask...why should we? Beyond the fact that Japan is the one that brought us into the Pacific war, killed nearly half a million Chinese, had POW camps that would make anything anywhere in the 21st century look like summer camps for children by comparison, were the first (and maybe only) country to use biological weapons etc etc..

Also, Hiroshima and Nagasaki did indeed have what we would now consider civilians living there, but also thousands of military personnel and the factories that fed the war machine. You must consider the Japanese mindset at time as well....it was pretty much a unified effort, even moreso than in America. In other words, every man woman and child was expected to contribute to the war effort in any way they could, uniformed soldier or otherwise, and they did that very well, and most were willing to die for the emporer. Oh, almost forgot...the U.S. did make attempts to warn not just the Japanese government, but also civilians in advance...if the Japanese did the same before Pearl Harbor then the letter got lost in the mail.

Do you think that Detroit (and other U.S. cities) where car factories were converted to build military aircraft, tanks etc..wouldn't have been bombed to dust, atomic or conventional...if Japan had that capability at the time?

The bottom line is this: While my personal feeling is that atomic/nukes should never be used by anyone as a weapon ever again, the fact is that using them 70 years ago more than likely saved many more lives than it took...and also served as a warning to future generations.
Not to the Japanese, but to the Marshall Islanders whose land "The "Bikini Atoll" is still so contaminated after some 60 tests as to be virtually uninhabitable.

The Marshall Islands are marking 60 years since the devastating US hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll, with exiled islanders saying they are too fearful to ever go back because of nuclear contamination.

The Marshall Islands' president, Christopher Loeak, called on the US to resolve the "unfinished business" of its nuclear testing legacy, saying compensation provided by Washington "does not provide a fair and just settlement" for the damage caused.
The US ambassador Thomas Armbruster said "words are insufficient to express the sadness" of the 60th anniversary of the nuclear test, adding that the US was continuing to work with the Marshall Islands to provide healthcare and environmental monitoring of several affected islands.
The US embassy in Majuro said on its website: "While international scientists did study the effects of that accident on the human population unintentionally affected, the United States never intended for Marshallese to be hurt by the tests."
NO all major countries including Germany and Japan wanted them. it was a huge job to get the materials and america cot them first
 the allies did MORE death and destruction with firebombs than atomic bombs
the A -Bombs DID bring a quick end to the Japanese war.  far more americans and Japanese would have died if the war was fought with conventional explosives.
I tested Nukes in the late 1960s
Before the atomic age there away a major world war about every 20-30 years
since the atomic age of MAD (Mutual assured Destruction) we have have NO world war and only "little wars"

No war is a good war but WW II had to be won. I am German Irish American and believe we should have A bombed BERLIN if we had the chance.
the Nazis and their supporters were EVIL. the Japanese were Imperial.

If you mean to the Japanese for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the no ,we didn't. And we shouldn't. We were at WAR with the Japanese, a war that they started. A war in which the Japanese committed atrocities, not only against POW's, but against the civilian populations of the countries they occupied. They were an enemy that were totally beaten but refused to surrender. What part of being at war with a fanatical enemy don't you understand. There's nothing to apologize for.

There is no reason to apologize to the Japanese, the use of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved more Japanese lives then they killed. An invasion of the Japanese home islands would have meant millions of Japanese lives lost so the use of the bombs prevented that outcome.

Why should they? I am assuming you are talking about dropping them on Japan. Japan has not apologized for Pearl Harbour, the Rape of Nanking, the Invasion of China, Korea, The Philippines and other countries. Japan has not apologized for their atrocities against allied POWs and civilians.

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