Did you cry on the first day of your hostel life?

No,not on the first day.But like everyday after that for about a year.

I went to hostel when i was 8 years old.I was excited as i was enjoying the admission process,travelling from local guardians' house to hostel and back to their house.

A week passed.All process done.I was standing near the main gate of the hostel along with my father.

I probably forgot in excitement that my father will finally leave me in the hostel and then go back to home.

Me:Papa,lets go home now,its been a while since we are here.

Papa:What?no,you won't go home.From today onwards,you will stay here only.

I just nodded my head as i knew i came to this place for the same purpose.I was just ignoring the fact.

Papa and local guardian left.

I remember wearing hostel's dress for games time.I wasn't comfortable in white shoes and shocks.

Me:Ugh,its uncomfortable.

Warden:You have to get used to this.

With all this happening,my little mind accepted the fact that i am in hostel.

That day passed.I slept early that day as i was tired.

I remember,crying,sitting in my class,with heads down,the next day.

Class teacher:Hey boy,what's your name?why are you crying?

Me: ....

Some other hosteler:He is missing his home.

Class teacher:Oh,you will be fine.Pay attention in class for now.

I remember,crying,in my bed.Face covered with blanket,during night time.

That was the begining of my hostel journey,since then i have been living in hostel.

Thanks for reading.

What does a data scientist need to know about visualization?

Everything, once you are done with your data, you will need to present it using some tools which can showcase your data to non technical people.I would suggest using tools like Excel, Tableau and if you are really into programming then python has some great libraries like Bokeh.

Why did Warren Buffett buy Apple stock when he is known for not investing in tech companies?

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