Did you ever encounter a runaway predator?

Never. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia currently so I barely ever see any interesting wildlife at all. I have however been to the Okefenokee swamp and seen black bears, cougars, alligators, and turkeys. Around Georgia I have only seen raccoons, a fox, a and bobcat. Although I have had a dangerous encounter with a coyote, it was trying to intimidate me by snarling and lunging, however its tail was between its legs so it wasn't too confident it could take me. And New York has no interesting wildlife.

No thankfully, however, I have a friend whose son was homeless for a period of time and was trekking through the Oregon forest and had to find a place to sleep because the sun was going down. That same night a lion from a local zoo had escaped and was found in that same forest her son was sleeping but the next morning! Crazy huh?! He was fine btw! Never ran into it and I'm sure that was the last time he slept in a forest!


What were your impressions of visiting Russia?

Very nice country.every thing in one country.I enjoyed Traveling in world's longest train Trans-siberian.I had opertunity to meet locals, Siberians really enjoyed.I fulfilled my life dream by flying to Edge of space and Zero Gravity flights from Yuri Gagarin Space center.I became first Indian to do so as a tourist

Where in the world do the friendliest people live?

These nations get my top votes based upon purely subjective personal experience.1) USA2) Australia/New Zealand3) Canada4) Scotland5) ItalyFor me "friendly" means cheerful and helpful to others, with special care and concern for strangers. I have met friendly and unfriendly people everywhere, of course. You can't generalize. But

In what way is the USA freer than other Western European countries, such as the Netherlands, France, and Germany?

In being able to own lethal weapons as a constitutional right and justify it as a method to protect yourself from other people who have the same right to own lethal weapons.