Did you ever feel happy even after losing something?

When I lost the attachment I had to my so called best friend who left me, I found peace and happiness again.

She left me, became close to another girl, moved on, crushed my heart and what not? I was broken, for the fact that years of friendship came to an end in minutes. I cried my heart out, went into depression. I gave her so much importance that I lost my importance in her life. Loss of my friend from my life indeed gave me good lessons to learn. Now I know whom to give importance, and whom not to, atleast to some extent. I started detaching myself from her, and now things have become peaceful in life. I regained my happiness. I have many such losses which made me stronger and more positive towards Life. I also learnt that I could write. Her loss was one reason why I joined Quora. Thanks to her.

Yes, I am happy now. Though I get upset then and there, I don't let it ruin myself. After All, Life gives you lots to learn. Never mind about people who leave you, they are not meant to travel the journey ahead.

Thanks for the A2A


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