Did you ever feel regret rejecting someone?

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Let's start with the beginning, I still remember mid of 2013, when I saw a profile on Facebook , and sent her request by leaving a message.

She was busy in some family function which I later came to know by her after my request was accepted.

29th may 2013 first time she replied to me, In just a few days our formal small conversation started converting in long one. A month later somehow i managed to tell her everything about my feelings for her.

I got a Yes from that side and trust me, that was the best day I'll cherish forever.
everything was going on perfectly fine till April 2014. I started feeling that we have stop thinking about our future and entire concentration of us was on our relationship. We both are from a middle class family where expectations of your parents are quite high and This was our responsibility to fulfill them for our family.
My last semester was about to end and dates for my finals were declared. I was extremely worried what to do, Several times I also told her to concentrate on study.

Finally I took a worst decision, which still gives me nightmare.

I called her up with a trembling voice I told her to end everything, Forget me and forgive me. I thought in a few days everything is going to be okay and she'll start focusing on her study. This actually happen, today She is PO of a reputed Bank.

I was the culprit who left her in a wrong way, I left a girl who is way better than anyone. I want her back in my life but unfortunately now I don't have right to tell her to come back in my life again.

Sometimes we both talk and chat on an endless mode. we still love each other, But something is stopping both of us to tell our feeling again.

Yes I still have regret for that day and forever will be.

कम्बख़त इश्क़.....
ना समझ आये..
ना समझ पाए

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Yes, my boss, every day !

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