Did you ever plan a surprise party for someone and they were furious? What happened?

No, but I've had two surprise parties planned for me and they were both AWFUl. Awful. Awful.

The first one was for my 15th birthday. My parents invited my three closest friends. Problem was, none of them knew each other and it was awkward.

My parents planned for the four of us to go bowling, so they gave me all the money we'd need for bowling, renting shoes, refreshments, etc. and dropped us off at the bowling alley.

Except the bowling alley was closed.

This was pre-cell phones, so I had to find a pay phone and call my parents to come get us.

I don't remember what we ended up doing, but can you say, "poor planning" on the part of my mother?

The next time was when I was in my 20s, my birthday was coming up, and my boyfriend was hinting around about a party. I told him point blank that I hated parties, did not want to be the center of attention at a party in my honor, told him about the ghastly surprise party I'd had for my 15th birthday, and told him repeatedly to not even think about having a party.

*He* liked parties, so he gave a surprise party for my birthday, AND invited somebody he knew I didn't like just because she was part of our friend group.

Don't plan a surprise party for anyone unless you're SURE they'll be thrilled. Please. :-)

Haha I threw a surprise party for my (now) husband (we were only dating at the time). He was less than pleased.

We had been talking about trying to find activities where we could spend more time away from screens, since both our jobs involved computers, and we found we were spending a lot of time watching TV. We'd been talking about acquiring some board games, so for his birthday, I got him a Doctor Who board game (we're both big fans), and I invited a few of our friends over to play it. I had a day off, so while he was at work, I baked cupcakes, decorated the apartment, the works.

IT TURNS OUT he's not a big fan of having his plans change out from under him, and he'd been planning on going to fencing practice that night. Eventually, he calmed down and had a good time, but he was sure to let me know that he would NOT appreciate having a surprise party in the future. Overall, it was a fun evening, but I make sure to let him know in advance anymore if I'm planning anything for his birthday ;)

Sadly, I was the furious one.

Not all people like surprises, not all people like people. Sounds outlandish to some, to me it makes perfect sense.

I have a background, to which I choose not to disclose in this answer because I don't want your sympathy. Though, I'm sure if you dissect my previous answers you will find the story.

I felt terrible for how I reacted to my 31st birthday, which was a swift fist in the face to the individual that hid in the dark of my home (one of my work good friends). He wasn't offended, but my wife was. My work friends loved my reaction and was a great joke to tell others in our unit.

We moved forward, now we know not to throw me a "surprise party". Which by the way, isn't a custom in Russia.

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