Did you ever ruin someone's life on purpose?

Yes, but I regret it.

I was 21 years old. I had just given birth to my son a few months before.

My boyfriend had split from his live in girlfriend (or at least that is what he had told me) and she had left him and took the kids.

When she found out that he had a new girlfriend (me), she came back from the United States (we live in Mexico). Despite his girlfriend and kids returning, he was still seeing me. He was very obvious about it, she fed up and decided to leave again when he confessed he was in love with me.

He drove them to the border and they were supposed to take a bus home from there, and he would come back to me. But the decisions that were made there, changed everything.

She told him to drive them all the way back home to Corpus Christi if he really cared about his kids. He wasn't supposed to cross the border, since he had been deported previously. But she manipulated him into crossing the border, and he was arrested.

She did not tell anybody. She went home with the kids, while he was in prison. All of his family and I were very worried and we did not know where he was. A few days later, she told his mom he was in an immigration prison.

I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks later. It was a bitter sweet moment. I was happy because I was going to be a mom, and I was giving the man that I loved a child. But I was very depressed that he was so far away and wouldn't be with me during the pregnancy. We wrote each other often, we talked on the phone. I was in constant communication with his mom. He was going to be released 6 months later, and we were going to be together, we had plans.

Just as they were preparing to deport him, they found in the system he had an arrest warrant in Corpus Christi for drug possession. He was sent back and given 9 months, with time served. So he was going to be released a month after our son was born. I was devastated.

Around the time he was supposed to be released, I stopped hearing from his mom. I was getting worried. I was able to contact his dad, and he told me he was already released a week ago and is already in Mexico.

I was confused. How is it he was released a week ago and has not contacted me?

I was able to contact his mom, and she told me to meet her downtown, so she could meet her grandson. I went, and he was there. My son's father. My heart skipped a bit. I was so relieved to have him back. Or so I thought.

He confessed that his intentions were to come back to me. But outside of the prison, his ex girlfriend and the kids were waiting for him. Again, he couldn't say no to them. So they got back together. But he promised that she would leave sooner or later. She always does. Then we could be together.

So we started an affair. Even though they were together, we kept seeing each other. I naively thought he really loved me and was only with her for the kids and they would break up. Months passed, and they were still together. Or she would leave but he was always waiting for her to come back. I realized that he was just playing with me. He didn't want me as a wife, or mother of his child. So we ended things.

But, just because we had ended our relationship, didn't mean he had to end his relationship with his son. Thing is, he never worried if he needed anything, diapers, milk, medicine. Nothing. So I sued him for child support.

When they received the notification, she called me. His girlfriend was on the other end of the phone, yelling at me. She insulted me, said that I was not going to get a peso out of them. She started saying all these things about me, things that only my ex knew, and he probably told her because of the anger. I was so upset, that without thinking, I told her "yeah, and despite all these defects, your boyfriend still preferred to fuck me, even while he was with you!"

She laughed and said that it was not true, because he was always either at work or home. I gave her an example, of a day he didn't sleep at home, the day of the Christmas party. She immediately knew I wasn't lying. She choked up and asked if I was telling the truth. I said "yep!" I could hear her voice that she was hurt. She immediately went from insulting me and making fun of me, to crying.

She left him, and he did a lot of things to me in vengeance. But I won't go into details since I have already written about that. She did eventually come back like she always did, they got married and divorced years later. But I know that those words broke the relationship permanently.

I made a lot of mistakes, and he was being unfaithful to her as well, so I am not saying she shouldn't have found out. But it wasn't supposed to be this way, and not from me. I regret saying what I said, in the manner that I did, but most importantly, I regret having an affair with him. I should have understood since the moment he chose her over me when he was released from prison, and I would have saved myself a lot of heartaches.

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