Did you get to see NCT 127 performing on 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse?

Yes it did stream for me I happily watched they're performance .It was a vibrant happy and had a great vibe. I highly recommend watching and keeping track of they're performances because they are reallly entertaining. If it does not stream you can always find it on YouTube.

If you used a telescope able to see one light year away and a star was created 5 light years away, would you see its light in 4 years instead of 5?

I think the question has arisen from the belief that telescopes make us able to see distant objects that can not be seen by naked eye and depending on the telescope it is a specific distance by which it brings them nearer.It is not exactly like that ... our naked eye is able to see far far away than

A miracle is something that happens that you believe cannot happen. If you believe in God, then God made it happen. So, if you believe in God, how can you believe in miracles?

Wrong. You probably are in the western (oops... It is just a way manner of speaking.. it is mostly westerners in most cases that got the eastern suff over there.) culture of what God is. Something so clear as day

Can a text message conversation be used as evidence in a court of law?

In British Columbia, yes. My ex was charged with, and convicted of, multiple counts of uttering threats, uttering threats to cause bodily harm or death, and criminal harassment because of text messages he sent me. (He physically stalked me as well, and the only reason there was enough evidence to bring him up for