Did you lose weight in army basic training?

I lost weight at first but at the end of the course I was over 10 lbs heavier than I started. I was 6ft 2in and 160lbs when I joined, so I didn't have far to go.

I didn't gain much in the chest, got a bit in the arms but my legs got HUGE.

Soldiers have a strange requirements in pants.
Depending on the age and shape, the stomach may be of varied sizes but Infantry and Engineers (who knows what those crazy armored and arty guys do) have far bigger thighs than our civilian counterparts.

At one point they tried to bring in BMI. Body Mass Index. It was supposed to be NOT about height/weight, but the only 2 things on the chart were height and weight.

My boss did a 1/2 marathon and that evening the BMI said he was borderline obese.
My buddy Danny was morbidly obese, according to BMI. When they did the complete immersion test (when they put you in a barrel and measure volume vs weight) he had a body fat index of ...as I recall...something in the low teens.

Why does my brain work excessively well just when I'm about to fall asleep?

I'll take ideas from computer, super natural, mysteries to answer it. We have two kinds of brain. The conscious. The Sub conscious. The conscious is on our  control,. 80 percent I would say. The sub conscious also controls the conscious, the remaining 20 percent of it.

How should I start learning Python?

Rather than giving you a boring step by step process of learning Python, I would share my personal journey about how I started learning Python.Here is my personal learning experience:What motivated me to start learn Python ?I fell in love with Python after reading a bunch of