Did you marry a weirdo?

I married the most un-weirdo person on the planet.

She made me promise a few things to her just before we were married:

  • Always be faithful to me (check!)
  • Always love me (check!)
  • Make me genuinely laugh at least once a day

This last one has proven much more challenging than I thought it would be. I'm not going to brag, but I've always felt that I was witty enough to at least get a girl to spurt out some kind of polite giggle.

My wife is not a giggler. She does not fall for the sorcery that proved so successful with other members of the fairer sex.

This has become the great stress of my life. I have to figure out something DAMN FUNNY or my marriage is screwed. I'm like Prometheus waiting for the eagle to eat my liver every day....SEE! That Prometheus reference, that's what she wants. Every.... single... day. High brow, make-me-laugh, humor. No Amy Schumer bullshit here.

But yes, she's very un-weirdo. She reads. She drinks hot tea. She is an entrepreneur. She doesn't suffer foolery. She's an exceptional mother and a best friend. She's strong-willed, and I've even seen her cry a few times. She is a Girl Scout Troop Leader, and the girls look at her and say "that's the woman I want to be one day!" She digs Star Wars (which, let's be honest. In this day is very un-weirdo) and she tolerates my antics.

She does all of this while battling a debilitating illness that keeps her from ingesting: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Milk, Corn, Wheat, Soy, Eggs, Sesame, Gluten, Shellfish, Tapioca, Cod, Potato and Peanuts. She basically lives off of rice, lamb, turkey and vegetables. Any of the others will throw her body into shock that could kill her.

Totally un-weirdo. Except she married me, which definitely shows that she likes the occasional shot of hot sauce in her coffee, so maybe I'm wrong about her.

What is a good diet plan to shred fat and gain muscle?

It depends upon lots of things--your determination, lifestyle, nature of your work, money you can spend on your diet, your workout schedule etc. But i tell you the basics--1) No bad carbs--- Soft drinks, junk food, oily, spicy food are complete NO-NO.

Is Black Clover good or just a rip off of Naruto?

First of all, its quite important to distinguish between black clover the anime and black clover the manga. The anime started off slowly but picked up after a few episodes. The fight scenes are somewhat unique, and the way they