Did you regret quitting your career for marriage?

I am yet to meet a girl who want a struggling or not working bf, she can be friendly with you and spend time with you but the moment you share your feeling, the only answer you get is "I always treated you like a friend not more than that" and even if she has feeling then the reply is like "lets be friendly as I am not in a position to decide now, just because she is in love with you and want to give you some time to get a good job and spend some time on your carrier".

It's not her fault that in between she finds someone else who has a good carrier and all the luxuries of life. Apart from this she has many pressure, from her family, relatives and peer pressure is utmost and everyone asks for the details of her Husband/bf/fiancee and she needs to tell the details.

The man who can't take care of himself wants someone to rely on him for the entire life.. My dear friend, in this age people live in present and dialog like " I Can't promise you moon, stars money, cars, international travel and expensive wall-drove but May be one day i can" don't work, also promises like when you are said i will be there, when you are in trouble i will hold your hand etc.

Girls start dreaming since teen that one day someone will arrive from the sky or a cute boy riding hours will come (now's a days BMW or Marc) and hold her hand while whistling and take her to a new world.

So dreams ( Nice big car, sweet house, international travel and outing to movie, restaurant and shopping can only be fulfilled if you have money in your pocket.

The moment you quit your job you will be treated as unwanted, no matter how much knowledgeable you are, and mind you that most people except your wife and children ( till the time no financial crises arrives) not even your close family relatives will recognize you.

Quitting job for any reason is the worst idea, although I have left my Job to take care of my parents and to be with my family as my wife is working at Lucknow and I was posted at Hyderabad but I had some plans of earning and wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Throughout my life whenever I was talking to someone in my team or giving any presentation related to carrier I used to speak on two very important lessons which I learnt during my hardship and struggling period.

1- We spend almost 11–12 hours in office ( including traveling time) and if we include 8 hours of sleep in it then we hardly spend 3–4 hours with our family or at home including all activities. So office is our extended family and when in trouble, your colleagues and money ( salary) are the only savior.

2- If you have money in your pocket then only you can take care of your parents and family (doctor, medicine, education) Just holding the hand standing beside will not do any good.

Today everything has a cost from emotions to Love and from food to medical emergencies, emotions also can be purchased so whosoever says that money can't buy happiness, let them say but you need to understand that money can buy thousands thing which will give you happiness and without money your dearest friends or relatives will make your life hell.

So quit smoking but never quit your job or earning!

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