Disregarding looks, what is the most important exercise I can do regarding health?

Weight lifting. You can have a cardio workout and muscle workout. If you don't take as long of a break or any at all. Keep the intensity up. You can get a great workout in. Yes you can see improvements in your physical form but inside will feel great. Running is also great but you don't get as much as weight lifting. Both though are great, don't get me wrong.

Why would my husband want to stay married in a bad marriage when I want a divorce?

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When a person dies- the last breath- will they breathe out or breathe in?

As several people have pointed out, breathing in is generally active, and out is generally passive. You have to move your diaphragm down to expand your chest cavity, drawing air in. If you then suddenly died, the elasticity of the lungs and natural rest position of the chest will result in

How to avoid over-eating when eating out

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