Do 8 reps of squats build leg size?

You can build muscle using any rep range between 4–30 as long as effort and training volume are the same.

Pick a rep range that feels good for you for a given exercise, then train hard.

The squat itself is likely to build leg size. However, for some it will be more hip dominant. And therefore they'd have less quad development than someone with a knee dominant squat.

So. Yes 8 (hard reps) of squats is likely to build leg size.

Humanity has transitioned across the ages: the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Age of Enlightment, Industrial Age, Information Age, and now, the Age of Knowledge. What's next for Earth, society, and humanity?

I think the Genome Age is next. It is already starting (and being mimicked with bionics). Deliberate genetic manipulation for both babies and adults is beginning. It has and will continue to creep forward as treatments for various illnesses and genetic defects. The definition of what constitutes

How to get better at surfing, faster

Two options rise to the top for me in terms of "getting better faster" and they are get a board more suited to your abilities and get a coach. Of course it should go without saying that if you can simply log a notable number of ocean hours... you'll get better faster. Something tells me

How to maintain muscle mass when you stop working out for weeks at a time

The best way to maintain muscle when staying out of the gym is to do the following:Make sure you eat enough calories to maintain your body weight. If you don't eat enough calories your body will start to use your muscle for fuel. You can