Do Americans love Priyanka Chopra?

Love is a strong word for Americans. We don't fall in love here with our film stars like people in India and other places do.

Many people like and admire her. She is seen as a girl of beauty and class here. She is well liked and received and appreciated. But I don't think it can be said she is loved by Americans.

Americans love the characters the actors play, not the actors themselves. For instance, we love Captain Jack Sparrow, but no one hangs around Johnny Depps house or celebrates his birthday. We love Ethan Hunt, but no one pays any attention to Tom Cruise in real life. We love Iron Man, but people don't chase after Robert Downey Jr.

However, with that said, I can say that my fellow Americans who know of Shah Rukh Khan and his films have fallen in love with him, myself included. There is something about him which completely sets him apart from other film stars. Even my husband has fallen in love with him. We were talking about it last night after watching Raees for the 6th time.

My husband said he thinks it is because there is something genuine and natural about him which other actors do not seem to possess. I don't know if that's the reason, I just know he is a world wide phenom of Love.

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