Do Australians not like foreigners?

I wouldn't say Australians dislike foreigners.

They used to. For many years following Australian independence in 1901, the White Australia policy was the unofficial government policy toward immigration. Australia welcomed British and Irish immigration, didn't like (other) Europeans much, and actively excluded Asians. There was strong anti-Asian sentiment after the fall of Singapore and the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese in 1942, though anti-Asian sentiment predated those events by a century.

Following WWII, there was a strong belief that Australia needed to increase population ("populate or perish"), chiefly with Europeans, and as a defence against Asians. Against strong skepticism at home, the Immigration minister travelled to Europe to find Aryan-looking refugees, and brought a boatload of them to Australia. Following this, anti-immigration sentiment relaxed, and over the following decade or so, a great many Europeans, particularly Italians and Greeks, immigrated (last I heard, Melbourne still has the second highest population of Greeks of any city in the world). Initially these groups met discrimination (often called "wogs"), but gradually these populations were welcomed.

In 1973, the last vestiges of race-based immigration policy were ended, just in time for the end of the Vietnam war, when a stream of 80,000 Vietnamese began to flow into Australia. Again, there was initially discrimination, but eventually they were mostly welcomed. As recently as the 1990s, some politicians gained traction warning about being overrun by Asians, but this no longer worries Australians. Currently, warnings about Muslims gain some traction (the same politicians who warned about Asians now warn about Muslims, without ever explaining why the Asian immigration they warned about never became a problem), and some politicians have stirred up some hysteria about "boat people".

There have been some incidents of discord over immigration, such as the 2005 Cronulla riots, but on the whole Australia is very welcoming to foreigners. I say this as an Australian immigrant who has always found Australians to be very welcoming, and as someone who works in a department in which most of the staff were born overseas, coming from 5 or 6 different continents.

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