Do Canadian workers get more holidays than American workers?

Not generally no, most Canadians get 10 statutory holidays a year, which is similar to the US.

In terms of vacation the legal minimum is 2 weeks and most entry level jobs that's what you get and you earn more vacation with longer service. This also is not significantly different than the US.

Anecdotally it's more common for Americans to voluntarily give up some of their vacations. When I worked for a US company I was involved in a situation where a US manager wanted a Canadian manager to "order" the staff that was working on a cross border project to take less than the legal minimum vacation.

What are the best menu items at Arby's?

Two words: curly fries. I understand that not everyone enjoys their meats, but how could anyone possibly hate those seasoned little devils? I haven't seen very many places tackle curly fries, but Arby's definitely does it the best.Heck, if you're feeling adventurous, you could get them loaded (with cheese, bacon, and ranch). That little tub of joy is EVERYTHING.

What is the weirdest thing you've had insured?

I never had a weirdo thing insured, although here in Brazil some women insurances some very weird things that I think it's interesting to share; Brazilian women has been insuring their ass since ever. The most famous one wasn't an international

Are British people the most diplomatic people?

Not really.  And I don't think "on average" either.   I think the idea that the British are the worlds diplomats is over.  Either at home or abroad.  I left the UK 20years ago, and am shocked every time I go back to see how much worse the general level of politness