Do Chinese boys prefer giant-chested girls?

Hmmmm....I really want to go eccentric on this answer.


Large breasts are the truth!

Large breasts are the just!

Large breasts are the faith!

Large breasts are the strength!

They are the democracy! the monopoly! the united of all men! the solution of all human problem!


OMG, I am going anonymous, 玛德真羞耻。

What is Buddhism's view on other religions?

Buddha said in his last words. Do not believe in what is written in books, what is said by people, what is a followed tradition. Do not believe in your words even if I had said them. Rather test the things yourself , get your own experience, and then based on your intelligence accept this.

Do muscles built from the gym and that from doing calisthenics seem different?

When you say gym , I am assuming you mean lifting weights.Is there a difference in building physique through weights vs calisthenics? The answer is YES and NO depending upon your workout goals.For the body, resistance is resistance. ANY kind of resistance training stimulates muscle growth (assuming it is consistent

I am 14 years old and I go to the gym. How can I increase my muscle mass?

Ok this is a good one.You might have a lot to gain from doing full body workouts, meaning you workout all the muscles in your body in one session.See full body vs split workouts.This system is better at training your muscle groups