Do Christians really believe in the devil?

Awe this is why Christians love other people who hate them. They love the person and want them free from the destructive energy that is harming them. I think the devil is metaphorical for hate energy which influences negative self thoughts, comparisons, voids, insecurities, blame, shame, guilt,doubt, self doubt, emotional pain, distress, self hatred, self destructive behaviors, hatred of others, behaviors to destroy others. An angel who wanted to control things, wanted to be better than God and was punished so now hates people and wants to destroy them and use them to destroy others. Because we cannot see positive energy, or love energy, negative energy or hate energy, we can't see angels or demons, or devils- only see what they are capable of. One being destruction, one being restoration. Since in the bible states God is love, we are loved, then called to love ourselves, choose our thoughts wisely, and then love others.

According to the Bible Lucifer was God's most perfect creation who was responsible for guarding God's Great White throne. He became jealous of God and wanted to set his throne above God's. He convinced one third of the angels in Heaven to join him and as a result Lucifer and his followers were thrown out of Heaven to the Earth. No one rules or resides in Hell. It is the final punishment place at the end of time after the Final judgement from God. This is my personal belief after many discussions with my father a minister with a Masters of Divinity and reading on my own.

As far as I'm aware, most Christians believe in an angel who rebelled, was cast out, and now hates everything God created. Anyone with sense does not believe in a red dude with horns, a spiked tail, and a pitchfork sitting in a furnace underground. Gotta clarify the difference.

I'd imagine a great many do. Personally, though, I'm of the opinion (and it's probably a common one in my denomination) that religion should be about love, not fear. There are a lot of problems in the world as it is, but it's far easier to change the hearts of human beings than to try to pit yourself against some "ultimate evil" figure. For me, at least, the Devil - and even angels, really - don't figure much into the way I think about my religion. The focus for me is on God.

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One attendant is allowed with blind person of his/her own choice to go alongwith into the polling booth.Blind person tells the attandent to push the button of choice. Attendant does it. And its done.I know it as my granny is blind and I have been her attendant in last 16 elections right from MC elections to LS.Thanks

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