Do European people really believe in God?

Some do, some don't. Overall, probably fewer people in Europe profess such belief, but the percentage is very variable, the traditionally Catholic countries are probably highest, and the Nordic countries lowest. I believe the Czech republic is the least religious.

One heartening statistic is that younger people are less likely to be religious across the continent.

Having said that, interestingly the less belief there is, the more the country seems to act in a "Christian" way, caring for the poor and the sick, and so on.

Exactly as much as American people who believe in God.

There is probably a different percentage of persons in Europe who believe in God but those who do believe in God believe in God just as much as any given American who believes in God. In fact, given the level of socialism in Europe, which is a form of economy that is based on the Christian principle of sharing, I would almost have to say that Europeans are a little more "practice what they preach" than America is.

Some people just talk the talk.

Others walk the walk.

Which one are you?

What is the best way to spend life?

According to me, one can spend their life in the best way when they start living for them. Some people live for others. They always take decisions for others satisfaction not for them . They bother more about society, relations and public, and

What is your favorite job search website?

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