Do I have to run for President of the United States and win before I will really learn the truth before I die about whether or not aliens exist?

If you were to do so, and then when you become president you find out that there is no big secret being covered up about aliens, or the moon landing, or the shape of the Earth, or whatever, then what ? Will you accept a rational conclusion, or say to yourself "this goes deeper than the presidency" ? That's how conspiracy theories work. They aren't based on evidence and reason, they are based on fear, suspicion and fantasy.

If one honestly believes there is some big secret cover up about aliens, it is likely they will never stop believing that. No matter what facts are presented, they will just consider it another part of the conspiracy. The flimsiest pretext of confirmatory "evidence" and most baseless pronouncements of crackpots will seem to be "smoking guns" to them. They would, upon reading this, imagine that perhaps I am some shadowy agent of the conspiracy trying to frustrate their quest for the truth, or in the best case consider me a "sheeple", another gullible victim of the conspiracy.

I wish there was some satisfactory way to conclude, some recommendation I could make of a surefire method to free oneself from the yoke of conspiracy thinking, but I don't know of one. If there was one, it would probably be seen by the conspiracy minded to be a part of the cover up. That's another way in which it is insidious,

Original Question: Do I have to run for President of the United States and win before I will really learn the truth before I die about whether or not aliens exist?

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You do not need to run for President to know the truth. Here is the truth:

Yes there are aliens.

But no they do not look anything like us, and no they have not visited Earth.

How do I know?

Let's start with a little astronomy lesson.

Suppose the sun is a bowling ball. Then the Earth is a mustard seed about 77 feet away from the Sun.

Then the nearest star is just over 4,000 miles away. And to scale, the speed of light is 1.83 inches per second.

That is the nearest star. The Milky Way galaxy would be roughly 150 million miles across-slightly less than the distance between Venus and Earth when they are at their farthest apart.

And on this scale, the nearest galaxy-Andromeda-would be 2 billion miles away, most of the way from Earth to Neptune-at their closest.

The reason that we do not have aliens visiting us is that the distances are so vast.

The technology does not exist to send a spacecraft from one star system to another, even a close one.

So we already know the answer.

Yes there are aliens. No, they are not here.

No, you can learn it right here, right now.

We don't know. We're pretty sure that many do. There are at least billions of trillions of planets in the habitable zones of their stars. All it takes for life is ethane or methane, nitrogen and UV light, all plentiful on young planets. The odds of Earth being the only planet with life on it, considering that there are at least 2 bodies right here in our own system with organic molecules on their surface, aren't just astronomical, they aren't just unbelievable, they're as close to impossible as you can get without examining each and every one in person.

So yes, there are almost certainly a lot of alien species.

Have any ever visited Earth? Almost just as certainly not.

See? You didn't have to run for president. You didn't even have to get up.

You can learn the truth right now: There are no space aliens.

Do not listen so called eye witness reports. People claim to have seen Elvis Presley and Big Foot.

Think about if there were this secret place where the real alien space ship is stored. By now GENERATIONS of scientists would have studied this and all of them kept secrets for decades.

No, though it's highly uncertain and depends a lot on the truth and what happens.

If you legitimately get an alien abduction and confirm that it's not a sleep paralysis, or if you legitimately see a UFO and rule out all other causes (first-hand evidence is a lot stronger at convincing someone than 3rd-hand, obviously). I'm kind of confused about why people think alien abductions are sleep paralysis; I have experienced sleep paralysis several times and never an alien abduction; usually what happens after sleep paralysis is that I get an extremely lucid dream that follows.

Possibly .. though I doubt the ones in charge of the presummed cover-up would even tell you then . Presidents are basicly popularity contest winners .. many of whom likely would have never been security clearances except for having won the election ( or electorial college vote ) .. so it seems unlikely most would not be privy to something that momentus . It is most certainly on a 'need to know' basis , with an arguement that presidents will only 'need' to know if it is disclosed to the general public or we go to war with alien races .

Let's face it , would you want someone like Trump knowing something like that ? He can't keep from bragging about imaginary things .. how'd he not shut up about something like that ??

You might , however , find another credible source of value ... . He was certainly in a position to know what he was talking about .


If hostile aliens were to invade Earth, where would be their first point of landing?

Where ever they chose. They might pick close to some capitals (Washington DC, London England, Paris France, Moscow Russia) or they might pick larger remote areas to land. Without knowing what kind of weapons they have or how big a force they can land with, your guess is as good as anyone else's. They might land at multiple

Is there actually more evidence to prove that aliens are real and that people are ignoring solid evidence because it goes against people's social constructs?

Assuming «aliens» is the pejorative term for «extraterrestrials».There is not yet any evidence on the existence of extraterrestrials. It is just a very likely and very popular conjecture.That some people refuse the existence of extraterrestrials is a possibility. But I must say that all along my life