Do I have to wear a sports bra to gym?

It would be advisable to wear a sports bra during any activity requiring a lot of movement as it will control the bounce of the breasts. Of course how necessary it would be for you personally would depend on your body structure and bust. A sports bra is more than just a bra - it redistributes the breast weight to the back as well as stopping bounce. The bounce of the breasts is proof of newton's laws of motion about a body continuing in motion unless acted upon by another force! When you jiving around in the gym, your boobs will continue to move even after you have stopped - this is not only uncomfortable but also painful as this pattern will be repeated every time you take a turn! A sports bra controls this by holding the boobs tight and not allowing room for movement.

Are there intelligent species beyond our galaxy?

Yes in and beyond our galaxy. Read the following for an update:There are two main categories of aliens (extraterrestrials)a)Humanoids born on planet like us, For your information there are more than 5.4 trillions planets that are or have been inhabited

Why is it typical for humans to only have one or two babies per birth but other mammals typically have more?

Simply put, we don't NEED to have more than one or two per birth.When people think of an animal that has lots of babies, a few examples come to mind. Namely:Rabbits.Rats.Cats.Dogs.Mice.Now, what's one thing all these animals have in common?Relatively short lifespans.Look at some bigger animals; Elephants, whales, rhinos. What do they have in common?Relatively long lifespans. And fewer

Where do I find an indoor badminton court near Powai, Mumbai?

there are a couple of options i know... costs and eligibility vary a lot - - hiranandani has rackets club: its open only for the members, but guests can join. the costs are pretty high, and the last i checked, it was around 200 bucks a guest for a 45