Do I need a passport to go to Tortola?

You haven't said where you're coming from. Generally speaking even if you're a citizen of a country, you need a passport to get there, if you're not there already. In theory you could blag your way in, if you could prove you genuinely were a citizen, but in practice you wouldn't be allowed on the airplane from the country you were coming from, and a passport is needed to prove you are a citizen.

You might be confusing the need for a passport with the need for a visa. But then you'd have to tell us your nationality.

So of course if you're already in teh British Virgin Islands you don't need a passport.

Wikipedia tells me that it's not part of the EU, so non-British European citizens would need a passport. I don't know whether British citizens would need a passport if they came on a direct flight from the UK (and I don't know if there are such flights). Since you didn't say that you're British, I didn't put too much effort into researching it.

Obviously if you're coming from the USA, you'll need a passport or, if going by sea (not flying) a US passport card (United States Passport Card)

What's the most embarrassing way you ever got fired?

When I got fired from Rocky Rococos in Wisconsin.The pay was terrible and they weren't teaching me anything about the job, and it was full of teenagers that liked to make fun of me for being older and working there even though the male boss there was also older and pretty close to my age. The teen

What do this mean for the future of open sources? Will the legacy of Aaron Swartz survive?

I would be more concerned with the purchase of GitHub by Microsoft, on this account.RedHat is a software support group that's been traded since 1999.10 years gone: The VA Linux Systems IPO(Also talks about RedHat, six months prior)Part of the core philosophy of FOSS

What would have happened if Germany had been invaded by all its neighbours in 1938?

They took on France in 1939 & the other powers, Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark would make little difference. An invasion by Austria would have been unlikely in 1938, given the Nazi inspired coup by Seyss-Inquart against the Fascist government of Dollfuss, but Poland had a much larger army than is generally imagined and in the early 30s