Do I need a personal trainer to lose weight?

I think there is hardly the right and wrong answer to your question. But I have some advice for you.

More often than ever, people are recognizing the need for a personal trainer. For whatever reason, personal training tends to be the last resort for many; only choosing to invest when the gym memberships, home equipment, and fad diets have all failed. However, personal training should actually be one of your first investments in the health and wellness realm. Personal training is a great way to learn the proper approach to exercise and learn ways to take control of your eating and activity level for life.

Here is some advice to help you select the best personal trainers in your area.


Which one should I do first, pull ups or the push ups?

It would benefit anyone more if they did a combination of both pullups and pushups. Pushups mostly work on chest and triceps. Pullups on the other hand can really put a lot of pressure on the entire arms and also you can get

How does divorce work in China? How are assets divided?

There are only two possilbe options to get divorce in China,Divorce by agreement. Such procedure can only applies if(1) marriage were registered in China;(2) both parties can reach an agreement upon the issue related to resolution of the marriage, property, child custody, vistation, maintenance, debt, etc.Divorce by litigation. A standard procedure would happen as follows,(1) The

How many reps per set are necessary while lifting weights to build muscle?

Well if you're doing 19 reps per set that's alot more than you should be doing. It sucks that you don't have dumbells but if you want to build muscle and improve, you're gonna have to use something other than