Do I need good sleep before or after my workout?

The real question lies at what time you workout in your whole day.

But let me answer it more logically.

The first thing that comes in my mind is When will we be more productive? So, logically i can say that is

  1. Sleep is as necessary to humans as food, air and water. In the absence of any of these thing, it is difficult to survive for any human being.
  2. If we are deprived of sleep, our body tends to become less productive and generally we can't concentrate on things minutely.......For e.g. why we are advised to take a full sleep of 8–9 hours before any exam. I think we all have faced this situation, and we understand the importance of sleep and relaxed mind one night before any exam. So, no need to explain pros and cons of this.......
  3. So, here comes the answer, for our body to function properly for any task( in this case, "workout") we need sleep to relax each cell of our body, food to keep the energy levels of each cell high, water to keep each cell hydrated. Collectively , these three things(food, water and sleep) can act as a complete fuel for any body, to give better mileage and run smoothly.
  4. So, this proves that how much, sleep is important before any workout to give our best in intense sessions of workout. And, when your body is relaxed, you can actually focus on each fragment of workout without being tired for long hours.

Hence, more productivity!!!!

But you should follow a fix pattern of sleep for everyday.i.e we need to have a proper schedule and must follow "early to bed and early to rise" strategy. And whatever timing we fix for this, it should not fluctuate much with our routine and follow the pattern.

Now, the second part....

Is it equally necessary to have a sound sleep after workout also?????

So, again the answer is yes.

Lets, again find the logic behind this..!!!!

  1. what happens when we drive a vehicle at greater speeds...?? I think everyone knows the answer to this......After driving, especially at greater speed, engine heats up quickly, fuel gets consumed quickly, there are more wear and tear in parts of engine, tyres, break wires, etc...... so the solution to this is.... To keep the situation under control, we must drive our vehicle at moderate speeds, we should turn off engine at certain intervals and take breaks, and have timely servicing at workshops.
  2. Similarly, the case is with our body also,... when we workout, we put our body to higher strains.
  3. And to achieve equilibrium against this workload, our body burns fuel to fulfil the demand of any intensity workout. As a result,our muscles tends to work hard, leading to wear and tear of some tissues and delicate muscles.
  4. To regain this loss of muscle, again our body need the complete fuel to recover and build muscles. So, again a sound sleep is necessary for the recovery of any wear and tear of muscle. As in a research study, it is proved that most of our new muscles, tissues and new cells are formed when we are asleep. This sleep should be of 8–9 hours for proper development of body.

So, follow the regular pattern of sleep routinely and workout any time of the day.But the best time is in the morning. Oxygen levels are on the higher side in the morning. so, before any workout, little warm up of body is advisable, and the best warm up exercise is : Go for a morning or evening walk for 30 minutes.

Know the benefits of morning walk in case you are planning to start:

Benefits of morning walk. See how 30 minutes in morning can transfrom your body and keep you disease free in long term.

[Recommended time of workout: Early Morning or Evening]

[Recommended hours of sleep: 8–9 hours]

Answered Logically!!!!!

So, here at last we can logically shout, the importance of sleep before and after any workout.

Hope this helps!!

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