Do Indian Kashmiris need visa to visit POK?

As I could see, there are a few answers that's doesn't satisfy the reality.
As an Indian Kashmiri, let me clear things. An indian Kashmiri or a pakistani Kashmiri doesn't need a passport or visa to travel across LOC. We only need to apply for the visit with clearly mentioning the "Purpose of the visit". Since IOK and POK are both two parts of the one Kashmir and the border separating the both Kashmirs is not recognized internationally. That's why it's called Line of Control(LOC) not an international border. Passport and visa is a legal document meant for international borders and since POK and IOK lack international border, so you don't need it.

Firstly, to visit Pakistan an Indian must obtain a visa depinding on his reason to visit the nation (business, tourism, education).

This visa will permit the individual to travel to only certain parts if the country and the port of entry, if by air is limited to Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

To travel to Azad Kashmir, a permit is required for all foreign nationals which is issued by AJK home department in Muzaffarabad.

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