Do Neurotypicals and Psychopaths have the same average life expectancies?

I actually don't know, and to be fair, I don't think this is answerable with the current research available. They only psychopaths that they could draw on for research would be in prison.

That in and of itself negates any possibility that the results would be comparable. A psychopath in prison is likely to have many other threats to their lives that a neurotypical in the outside world has no chance of encountering. I don't think a neurotypical is going to be caught up in an impromptu prison riot for instance, or randomly shanked in their dining room.

Not really the case in prison. There have been no studies on civilian psychopaths. There have been a lot of pseudo studies, but none that even come close to looking at lifespan comparisons. Without there being data to compare, there is no answer to this question. It's a good one, it's just not answerable.

Why am I always bored, tired and depressed?

Exercise n meditate a little daily. Then u will get a lot of energy. Stop yourself from getting bored by doing something creative like writing a story or poem, painting or composing music.U can also b creative in technology if u have that scientific temper in u. All great innovators r creative.

Are my pictures any good?

Hi, I wish I was 15 again! lolI consider photography has a lot of artistic factors and that makes any photo very subjective.  Bit is also very scientific and logical or mechanical.  This simply means any photo can be "terrible" to unreachable

Are NASA Scientists planning to start life on Keplar186F?

This question is the recent trend in Quora.A simple No is the answer to this question because Keplar 186F is about 490 light-years away from the earth. NASA cannot start life on the nearby planet such as Mars (54.6 million kilometers) let alone Keplar186f.A Light-year is unit of measurement of distance covered by light in an year.