Do New Zealand girls date Chinese people?

Some do, some don't. I'm older, married, and New Zealander. We've had Chinese graduate students live with us as roommates. They were delightful, charming, thoughtful, intelligent and funny. I'm sure if I were still young and single I  would consider dating a Chinese man who shared the same interests as me; so would most women I know.
Hmm. I'm not a New Zealand girl

I can say this for New Zealand. It's a lovely country filled with lovely people. It's progressive and liberal, was the first country to give women the vote on an equal footing. I doubt very much you will encounter much racism there. They also have the somewhat uncomfortable distinction of being the most promiscuous women in the world! Don't shoot the messenger- I didn't do the research.

I think that most Kiwi women you asked would say that they are not opposed to dating people of any nationality.

My girlfriend is Australian which is close... I just asked her if she would date a Chinese man and she said that she 'did once.' This is news to me... I'm off to investigate...

For sure they do.

Many girls date Chinese guys. I know a few who do so and like the differences in culture. However, Chinese guys tend to be shy and reserved whereas the girls are friendly and open. Over time both sides get over this.

But New Zealand boys and girls come from a wide range of ethnicities. About 86 in Auckland city alone. That means the range of choices. Kiwi girls are no more the Pakeha or Polynesian or Indian. They are of all sorts. The mix is incredible.

If you are a Chinese male go ask a girl out and test the waters. You would be surprised how welcome you would feel. Give it a shot today.

Good luck.

I know a few Kiwi girls that slept with Asian guys. And I met a few guys in HK who told me they studied in NZ and didnt have any problem sleeping with local girls..... I dont know why they told me that?

Also heres a more scientific approach...
Kiwi women most promiscuous in the world

Cant think of any Kiwi girls dating Chinese guys though.. But im sure its plausible!!

if this question is part of the "do white girls date asian guys" questions. yes. I have seen a lot of kiwi girls date guys outside their ethnic group. maybe because of the fact that new zealand society was biracial (Maori and Pakeha). thus they are more open to date with people outside their ethnic groups.

however, the ‘mainstream' kiwi girls seem prefer the "traditional" masculine male though. I haven't seen so many kiwi girls date nerds. but again, I am sure people are attracted with people who resemble them closely.

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