Do Nigeria and Ethiopia have enough clout to become economic powerhouses in the next few decades?

I think its best to first understand that both nations belong to different regions of the African continent and as such different economic and geographical sectors.

Ethopia over time and from its history had built for itself a nation of wealth and soverignty. You could actually say same of Nigeria but to what extent?

Unlike Nigeria and its diverse religion, Ethopia on the other hand may just be different in that aspect and may not have factional issues faced by the nigerian nation as for me this is one of the countrys greatest issue that also affects the growth of its economy.

Both Countries belong to two different Common markets in the African Region. Ethopia is a member of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) while Nigeria is a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Economically speaking, the COMESA has done very well for its self compared to the ECOWAS since both thier formation and they both drive the same focus. However, both nations belong to the same African State and members of the African Union (AU) ...a body with so many challenges. a topic of discuss for another time

All that said, I do think Ethiopa stands a better chance than Nigeria. The Nigerian nation has had its chance but the selfish interest of our fathers to continue in the ways of the past may come to affect our future.

Do they (Ethiopia/Nigeria) have the clout to become economic powerhouses in the next few decades? Yes they do.

Would they go ahead and consciously try to see that goal come to fruition? No one can tell for sure!

Nigeria in particular has all the components that is necessary and sufficient to be among the top 20 world economic powerhouses in world. That we aren't,is what continues to give me concern.

I still am hopeful,but i know it'll never come to pass in my life time...and that saddens me.

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