Do Westerners implicitly dislike Arabs?

I'm an Arab born and living in the West, so I think I could answer this one. I don't think by nature they hate Arabs more than they hate Japanese, Greeks, or Kenyans. Though it's somewhat acknowledged that people generally dislike, feel hostile towards, or fear 'the other' or something they can't understand. But I think it's always been a West and East sort of relationship. The Europeans and Asians (Arabs, Orientals, Indians, etc.)

So it's not inherent or by nature, but growing up in the West and only being exposed to Western viewpoints, disliking Arabs is not hard. Arab is so often, in the media, associated with Islam and the West and Islam have a very shaky attitude towards each other to say the least. What you usually find is educated Westerners, particularly in fields that have them learning about cultures, tend to have no bad feelings towards any race. If their lifestyle has them in a position seeing things from viewpoints, wasting your time being ignorant is illogical.

Depends. Some western countries, like the USA, may be initially distrustful of all Arabs, due to the country's history. This is also partially taking place in Germany now, with the emergence of the AfD, due to the sustained attacks by ISIS sympathisers.

However, most of the West has no reason to dislike Arabs implicitly, and in places like the UK, where more lives have been lost to terror attacks by the IRA, than Muslims, there is no inherent reason for people to dislike Arabs.

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