Do abused children become abusive parents?


Do Abused Children Become Abusive Parents?

There are so many factors that go into this issue. Even within a single family, you will have children who do go on to abuse and children who don't.

The idea that those abused as children will go on to abuse their own children was from a study in the 1980's that worked backwards-it took people who were abusive of their children, and asked them if they had been abused as kids. Based on the answers, which actually proved that many abusers were abused as children, they determined that those abused as children would mostly go on to abuse their own kids.

Obviously, this is a fallacy in logic, and since then, a 30-year study has been done (Abused Kids Not Destined to Be Abusive Parents, Study Finds) which found that although 25–30% of abused children do go on to become abusive parents, there are other factors involved, such as whether or not the person stays in an environment where the abuse is treated as normal or acceptable (like taking your kid "out behind the woodshed" as punishment was in the not-so-distant-past).

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It is widely accepted, based on a 1987 study (newer studies may not be available, due to the fact that people born in 1987 who have children are unlikely to be also grandparents) that round 1/3 of abused children turn out to be abusive parents. Do Abused Children Become Abusive Parents?

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