Do all Muslims believe the same thing?

Unlike Christianity basic beliefs of Islam are same. All Muslims shiites or mainstream Muslims believe that  Allah is One and Only Creator and Muhammad(SAW) is His last prophet and Quran is His last and final book from Lord of the multiverse. Shiites say hazrat Ali who was first cousin of prophet Muhammad should have been appointed his successor, but mainstream Muslims think what happen was right according to caliphate rules.
Yes, all true practising Muslims believe the same thing!
The faith is based on Allah (The One True God) and Hereafter (answering for the deeds in the after life)

Believeing in Quran, sahih Hadith

and there are more!

I will post a video , from where you can know about the basic beliefs of a Muslim
watch from the series : [short clips]
      1. Faith       2. Quran   Hadith       03. The   Messengers of the God       04.   Jannah and Jahannam       05. Qadr          08.   Shirk       09.   Tawbah

Here's Shaykh Hamza Yusuf writing on the topic:
"Umar ibn Abdul Aziz said "I am glad that the companions of the Prophet (sallallahu 'alayhi wa sallam) did not agree on everything". He said the meanings of that is when you have differences of opinions, it makes things broader and so that people can have more flexibility in their religion. Because when there is an ijmaa about something then everybody is forced to follow that opinion because there has been no dissent." - See more at: Page on
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