Do all brown people look the same?

Look at the picture :

For you to ask this question, I am assuming you heard this from someone else and now you want to confirm this with the world to see if there is any truth to this. If I'm anywhere close to correct in my assumption, then please do not believe any bit of it. Whomever made any mention of it is most likely racist and just not comfortable with themselves to have to talk crap about other races.

Think about it, if you are content with your life, if you are happy and you see someone else that is not in the same position as you, would you really find it in you to say anything negative about them? You either move on or accept them as they are and deal with it. When you are not secure about your own self, you need to direct that insecurity out towards someone else.

I will say this as nice as possible. "Brown people" look as similar as white people. I'm assuming you are talking about black people so when it comes to black people we do not all look alike. Of course like any race there are shared facial characterstics that help you be able to tell someone's race. However, to say ALL black people (or a race in general) looks alike is wrong.

Isn't the best way to fight sexism to not try to spread it? Is 'reverse sexism' not still sexism?

So, there are two parts to the question, both-apologetically but frankly-laughable.The first is the idea of

One of my friends is a solid Republican and comes up with many arguments for why they are better than Democrats. How do I counter his arguments?

I'm not an economist but Paul Krugman is. In fact, he won the Nobel prize in economics for his work on international trade theory back in 2008. He's also been writing for the New York Times for decades. I've been reading Krugman for years and

Why is there not life on space?

Says who?Space is, for all intents and purposes, infinite.Earth has an amazing variety of extremophiles who might have interstellar counterparts - even more adaptable than, say,