Do animal parents still take care of their adult babies?

It depends on the species. For instance, if I remember correctly, elephants female offspring can stay with their mothers for their whole lives. Where the males are expected to leave the hurd after a couple of years. (It limits inbreeding of course.)

But other than protection from lions and such, they don't really "take care" of them. They don't continue to feed them for instance.

Other animals, not mammals of course, leave their off spring at birth, never to see them again. They MAY guard their nests until the hatch, but after that they are on their own. Like alligators for instance. They will guard their nest, when the little guys hatch they will pick them up with their mouth and try to get them all to the water.

Then hang around a while to try to keep bigger Gators from eating them. But, they still don't hunt for them or feed them. They are on their own except for a little body guard duty. ;)

Sea Turtles are a perfect example of the have them, and forget about them group. They come ashore and dig a big hole in the sand. They then lay dozens of eggs in it, cover it back up with sand, and just Leave for good!

When they hatch, hopefully at night, they make a dash for the ocean.

Most don't make it. They are eaten by birds and other animals, especially if they didn't make it to the water before sun up! Even then other sea creatures eat the biggest part of them. Only a few from each hatching make it to adulthood.

So, some will allow some of the offspring to join the hurd, but that's pretty much where it ends.

Animals like lions will allow the females to stay as well. They do feed them into adulthood as well. But then the offspring also kills, and share their kills with the rest of the pride as well. So the kids really just share the load, so to speak

Apes seem to take care of their offspring more like humans do, for a very long time.

But then, they don't send them to college, and expect them to get a job and get out of the house! LOL!!

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