Do animals communicate better than humans?

I'm not a scientist per say but, personally I believe animals communicate much better with eachother, (within same species of course), than humans do. Animals are more instinctual in their interactions and communication with eachother. I highly doubt one possum tells a joke in front of a group of possums and a couple laugh and high five while one goes and sulks in the corner because his/her feelings got hurt!

With a higher level of emotion and forms of communication, I believe we as humans experience many more breakdowns or misinterpretation of our communication. That being said we would also have many more forms of conflict resolution.

Why is it so difficult to protect astronauts from radiation?

The fundamental problem with all atoms for shielding is that atoms are mostly empty space. That opaque "solid" wall in front of you is mostly empty space. So the more thickness to that wall the more likely a particle (photon or major sub atomic particle) will hit something

What can I do to have more energy and become more willing to do things during the day?

Hi,Let me start this by providing some basic info about sleep. Sleeping is really vital for humans to refresh and re-energize their body . However excessive sleep can cause grogginess and make a person tired. Therefore you have to ensure that you only get adequate amount of sleep and not excessive sleep. That is you have to

What is the best way to reduce weight, going to the gym or walking?

The best way to lose weight is to limit calories ingested. You cat have more calories if you exercise more but you will not lose any weight if you don't limit your intake.This is not the same as eating