Do any Quorans wish that Germany had won WW2?

I'm answering this anonymously because I know some people will automatically incorrectly assume I'm either a "neo Nazi", "Wehraboo" or a "white supremacist" when I'm actually none of the above.

  • Long story short, I think it would have been better if Germany won WWI, that way the Nazis would have never came to power because there wouldn't have been a treaty of Versailles, no communist uprisings, no scapegoating and most importantly no WWII. The German empire would have at least survived till the 1950s before reforms started to take place, the empire of Japan would have collapsed on it's own and the Soviet Union's political influence would have been contained to Eastern Europe and North Asia.
  • Alternatively, if the July 20th plot had been successful during WWII, chances are that Hitler's replacement would have been much more rational than he was and would have possibly been able to negotiate with the Western allies. Even during the war, there were Western allied plans to assasinate Hitler but were canceled because they were afraid that a more rational leader would take his place. So it's reasonable to speculate that the Western allies would have at least heard out the new German government and thus save Germany from being divided into two parts. Japan could have saved itself if their imperial gov't would have let Fumimaro Konoye negotiate prior to Pearl Harbor.

So, no I don't think the third Reich or imperial Japan should have been victorious, those two governments didn't deserve to be in power, I just think that Germany and Japan should have at least been able to save themselves from the humiliating post war occupations.

Edit: Andrew Toynbee Is that so? Name one powerful country that hasn't invaded another country or oppressed it's own people. Whether it be the French, the English, the Russians, the Japanese, the Germans, the Italians, the Chinese, the Turks etc. All powerful countries have started wars of their own. Let us not forget that "History is written by the victor". It's easy to blame the Germans and the Japanese since they lost. But let's not blame entire ethnic groups for the actions of a select group of individuals. Nor should we forget the many heroes among said ethnic groups that stood up against tyranny. Examples: There was a time when Japanese-Americans had to prove their loyalty to the US by going across the sea and fighting the axis powers. Or how men like about Oskar Schindler and Chiune Sugihara who both saved the lives of thousands of Jews from the Nazis.

No, but I wish they would have won the first one. Then we could have avoided all the bad in the second one.

World War 1 maybe (or at least not lost). Assuming the US stayed out of war.

WW2, Nahhh, them nazi cats were evil.

This question makes no sense.

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