Do any religions actually genuinely accept LGBT people?

"Religions" or "Christian denominations?" Those are two completely different things.

It's probably easier to enumerate the religions that specifically discriminate against homosexuality than it would be to list the ones that don't. Even then, those sources were written in a time and culture that did not recognize or even conceptualize that homosexuality is a biological trait and not a choice.

The bible, specifically, groups it in with any type of "lifestyle excess," including excessive drinking, hoarding of wealth, etc in the New Testament. The Old Testament references are downright dubious: if one points to the OT as a standard bearer, they must then apply all other rules regarding mixing cloth, tattoos and piercings, pork, etc... and don't get me started on Lot's situation (do christians really want to say it's better to offer your daughters up for rape than it is to have homosexual sex with angels? Everything about that fable is wrong.)

Buddhism, Hindu, Taoism, Wiccan, etc do not have any specific anti-LGBTQ scripture. That doesn't mean that societies adhering to these philosophies do not discriminate, but if they do, it's not based on their religious beliefs.

"Christian denominations" is a different beast. There are plenty of denominations considering themselves "christian" which are not considered "christian" by other denominations. Catholicism was not considered "christian" by fundamentalist protestants for a few centuries because so much of its traditions are rooted in paganism (as all christianity is). Christmas was considered pagan until the mid-1800s by those groups.

The point here is that, when it comes to identifying "core beliefs" based on denomination, there's no hard rule. Some do, many don't. Some that don't, may in the future. Some that do, aren't considered "christian" by others.

What would be a good warm up and cool down for a Hypertrophy session of curl and pull ups, dumbbell flies, incline bench press, dumbbell curls, and dumbbell press?

The warm up for any weight training is to get the heart rate up and your blood flowing thereby warming up your muscles and facilitating the start of your exercise with less risk of injury. Muscles dislike sudden unusual stress when they are cold. Five minutes on the elliptical at moderate pace is enough to

Is it permissible to be friends with your ex Muslim husband after he divorces you?

It is encouraged to for divorcees to be on good terms and treat each other with respect:Divorce may be only twice; then [let there be] either an honorable retention, or an excellently mannered release... (2:229)Beyond that, after a divorce, the ex-spouse becomes a non-mahram,

Looking back, were there moments when you were younger that should have made you realize you were queer?

Oh yes, so many.Recently I remembered that one time, when I was about 11 years old, my mum had asked me to look for women I who had a style I would like for myself, and if I saw one, I should point it our to mum. I never found any, wondered why. Because