Do arranged marriages happen outside of India?

Yes and no in America, which is the only country I can speak definitely about.

When I taught a discussion-oriented class called "Theory of Knowledge", I had many NRI Indian students along with the others. One discussion that always came up, year after year, was 1)what can we "know" about love?  and  2)is love a choice or an emotion? Every year the non-Indian students would insist love was an emotion, but most of the Indian students would insist it is a choice.  And usually, a fight--er, I mean discussion--would ensue for the entire 90 minute class period which ALWAYS got around to the issue of arranged marriages.

Again, the lines were clearly drawn.  The non-Indian students were horrified at the thought of an arranged marriage; the Indian students seemed to like the idea of a love-match, but arranged marriage was something they viewed with a great deal of equanimity. Some even said, "Who knows best what you need in a partner? Your parents because they know YOU best."

My point is that culturally, arranged marriage is an almost unthinkable situation for most Americans.  However, for NRI Indians in the USA (even those who were born American citizens), arranged marriage is still something that seems to be considered a viable option, and therefore, I have to assume that arranged marriages do indeed take place in the USA from time to time.

Thanks for asking!!

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