Do biceps get trained when you only do the big three (squats, deadlift, bench)?

The absolutely do! The biceps are an antagonist (meaning provide opposing force) on the bench press, on deadlifts the biceps actively contract as you grasp the bar and on squats the biceps work to stabilize the bar.

However, if looking to maximize results, even the greatest powerlifters in the world include accessory work in their program. Accessory work would be strengthening the individual muscles involved in the Big 3 movements. This addresses potential imbalances and also helps power through sticking points in the lift, such as the middle of a bench press (this requires a lot of triceps activation, which can be addressed through accessory work).

Here is a great example powerlifting program that includes accessory work: 5 Day Powerlifting Split - 16 Week Long Term Meet Prep

Best of luck building those big biceps and getting as strong as possible!

How to tweak my workouts so I can get sore again

Change your workout routine. What is your recent workout routine? You split train? How many reps? Same exercises? To answer this, you have to give more infos. I had clients, they were working out on the same plan when they started (

How you define a boy to be perfect for marriage?

When he is working and saving responsibly, taking care of himself and parents, also very respectful in treating his lady and her family well- he is way too efficient for marriage material. Of course you can add additional qualities like looks and height, because everyone wishes something special in their partner. But