Do billionaires believe in God?

Only about 6 percent of the population self-identify as atheists, and only about half of them have college degrees, so atheism among billionaires is probably a small percentage as well. But believing in God and submitting to God are two different things. No one believes in the existence of God more than Satan, for example, but Satan doesn't submit to the God he believes in.

So it likely is with most billionaires. Scripture says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter into the kingdom of heaven. That isn't because of the wealth itself but because of the power that wealth offers its owner, which tends to blind most people to their need God. Thus they will serve and even worship money rather than God. Of course that isn't always true. There are many very godly wealthy people who use their wealth for good and recognize it was never meant to be an idol of self-consumption in their lives.

by men whom neither trade nor bargaining distracts from the remembrance of Allah and the maintenance of prayer and the giving of zakat. They are fearful of a day wherein the hearts and the sights will be transformed. [34:37]

This verse describes the qualities of noble men that remember their God and glorify Him. They glorify Him any time any where. Neither worldly involvement such as fighting against enemies, Tanzil - Quran Navigator sexual enjoyment, Tanzil - Quran Navigator and trade, nor worldly situations such as wealth and poverty distracts their attention from the worship and remembrance of Allah.

Unlike the great men that mentioned above, there are some men, as result of inordinate vanity and insolence, are rebel against Allah's law and forget their responsibility before God. They independently, consider their ability to acquire knowledge and faculties which are the gifts of Allah, as his own achievment. Tanzil - Quran Navigator

Yes and of course yes some millionaire believe in GOD

Why couldn't billionaires believe in God? If there's nothing to preclude them from doing so, then some should statistically be believers.

If you think greedy billionaires couldn't possibly be god fearing people, you would be mistaken. The greedy believe in God. Their God is money.

What is your God? Did you realize that you can worship whatever you want? Whatever you worship is God from your point of view.

Just like common people..there are billionaires who believe in God and there are also billionaires who dont. As for Christian billionaires, there are several notable ones who practice their faith and beliefs into their business world. David Green Hobby Lobby with net worth of usd 4 billion. Forever 21 founders.

there is a big difference professing a belief in God an d being called ,chosen,faihtful and enduring to the end.

Many are called (believe in God) but few are chosen .

It is an extremely narrow way .

Since there are few billionaires to ever inhabit this earth.... and being the chosen narrow way limiting all of mankind since Christ death in the flesh ... seems unlikely that any group of people would have more than a intellectual belief in God.(including clergy )

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