Do boys like chubby girls?

Do you mean curvy?

Like me, you may also have been brainwashed by the meida that supermodels with small breasts, straight waists (that don't turn in) and small hips (that line up with their waists) and a body fat percentage of about 16–17% are the only women men like. It was all a lie! Not ALL men desire this body shape.

Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and particularly that Kim Kardashian chick who annoys most people when she talks did men and women around the world a big favour. She showed her very curvy body off and showed us humans what we really desire and somehow men learned not to be ashamed of not desiring skinny and instead being with a curvy woman. They no longer feared of being kicked out of the pack for their desires, they no longer hide their bigger women for fear of losing status in their hierarchy among other men.

Men started admitting to other men that they weren't ALL into the super model and they liked women with the curvy shape, the hourglass shape. Small flatish tummy but super curvy hips (and maybe even some boob if she had more progesterone than estrogen)

Why do they like these curvy women?

Because evolutionary scientists say it's how men determine if a woman is fertile.

Her levels of estrogen and progesterone give her that shape.

However, if you mean chubby outside of this description, I can't answer it but I see a lot of black men loving those women on Facebook.

I wish to import some of those men to Australia. It will help with my little matchmaking hobby I have on the side.

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